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Waterdragons Progress Report Autumn 2020

We* have had really nice term with the Waterdragons who have all worked very hard to come back from a long break out of the water. We spent the first half term on getting all the basic skills back (floating, streamlining, push and glides, sculling, roly polies) and working on the main components of frontcrawl, backstroke and breaststroke. The second half term we have continued to keep up the skills level and have also worked much more on butterfly and started to dive again.

We did timed 50m swims with them on 24 Nov  – frontcrawl and breaststroke. All swimmers started in the water for both swims and we observed their strokes, turns/ push offs and finishes to assess if these would have been ‘legal’ swims in a gala (that means they would have not been disqualified for any technical infringements).

We did another round of 50m timed swims on 15 Dec repeating the frontcrawl and breaststroke and adding in the backstroke as well. The children were asked to start with a dive on the frontcrawl race, the breaststroke was started in the water again. The emphasis was once again on getting the stroke technique right and the starts, turns and finishes to a gala standard. Some swimmers recorded slower times than the first time. That is of no concern whatsoever as we had asked all the children to concentrate on their strokes and skills rather than trying to beat others or their own time. At this stage it is really important that we get the swimmers to swim with technically correct strokes rather than work on speed. That will come later in the higher squads.

We are extremely happy with the progress of all of the children, they have been a delight to work with and have been so resilient and adaptable to these new procedures and processes. All of them have a smile on their face in training and that is the most important thing for us. All children have been polite, well behaved, paying attention while also massively improving their swimming over the course of this term. Well done all, Da iawn ti 🙂

We will be handing out small slips to the swimmers with their times and comments about  the races on Thursday 17 Dec. If you have questions about any of those or indeed any other issues you would like to raise, please get in touch with Friederike.

I would like to give a special mention to our young coach K who started to help with the coaching on Tuesdays and has been a delight to work with but also been giving invaluable feedback and coaching to our Waterdragons, thank you very much.

We are still short of coaches and are looking for more parents to come forward to help on poolside. We will have 2 coaches retiring in 2021 and would like to pass on as much experience, knowledge and wisdom as we can before we go. Please get in touch if you can help, the club entirely relies on parents to come forward and help.


*We are your Waterdragon coaching/covid team:

Friederike, Martha, Chloe, K  and Lynne & Sarah

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